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Why learning MUSIC at MFS Pakistan?


Our philosophy is to offer tailored tuition that is inspiring and focused on YOUR passions, goals and musical interests. We will meet you where you are right now and realistically work towards the outcome that you dream of. We do not believe in a pre-formulated teaching program as every person is different & learns at their own pace. You may have different goals and needs, we will find a perfect teaching style customized for you. Music is a significant source of enjoyment in so many people’s lives, we will make your lessons just as enjoyable and inspiring. 


We meet students every day that have learned a million songs but don’t know the fundamentals of how it all works. Imagine trying to learn a language but not knowing what a verb is? Sure, you may be able to communicate basic phrases but you’ll never really learn the language fluently. So if you want to develop your skill as well as personality in the world of music join the MSF Institute. 


Our lessons are unique, focused, fun, valuable and inspiring. They assist students in progressing seamlessly. We incorporate a balance of playing, reading, theory, technique, and improvisation into our lessons. This instills maximum confidence in the craft of our students.


Ustaad Raza Shaukat, our very well-seasoned and esteemed Tabla teacher is the son of a national Tabla-playing legend Ustaad Shaukat Hussain Khan of the Patiala Gharana. Ustaad Raza Shukat’s early training was with Khalifa Akhtar Hussain. In under 15 years, he has developed his own streak of students and worked with all classical and semi-classic artists of Pakistan. He has been a part of the National College of Arts and The University of Punjab faculty since 2005 to the present day.


He is otherwise a GCU graduate.


At your first lesson, we will complete a comprehensive overview to understand where you are currently at with your playing and tailor your weekly lessons to suit your goals.


Our professional teachers are here to teach all aspects of playing tabla, from technique, performance, improvisation, the ragas, bols and language of tabla as well as playing through different playing styles in both an Eastern and Western context.

You will learn the different beat patterns played on tablas such as Kherwa, Dadra, and Jhaptal; as well as how to integrate these forms across different styles of music.


In addition to weekly lessons, access to year-round practical workshops, industry masterclasses, and performance opportunities offer a truly comprehensive musical education. The ‘real world approach’ is extremely important to us, as our purpose is to equip you with all the tools and resources necessary for musical success. We also cater to advanced students wishing to master a particular type of drumming or percussion, technical ability, create a performance repertoire or prepare for a variety of auditions.

Meet the Tutor


Raza Shaukat