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Music Factory Studios is the first-of-its-kind dynamic music entertainment agency that provides music production and recording services. It was founded in 2005, by Usman Rana a grad from National College of Arts Lahore. With his creative and academic background in fine arts and performing arts. He built the MFS into an award-winning music production house. His work in background scoring has been critically and commercially successful.


Mix Mastering:
We mix and master your audio to provide the ultimate listener the top-notch music sound-quality.
We have a full-scale recording facility with a state-of-the-art recording unit and technologically advanced sound recording gear.
Game Sound Design for Android & Ios:
We manage the needs of more than 30 clients each month. We cater to international and national clients.
Original Music scoring for DVC’s & TVC’s:
We create original music scores for DVC’s and TVC’s. MSF has complete grasp over syncing dialogues, music and sound effects. We have a recording ability that supports more than 2 Terabyte music library as of now.
Music Video Production:
We have a fully equipped music video production facility, at the studio and at another studio closeby. We produce, direct and create creatively impressive and aesthetic music videos for the artists aligned with us.
New artist launchpad and promotions:
We are a fully-equipped music-entertainment and talent management agency. We have the fastest-growing community of new and upcoming artists onboard. We not only represent them, but we also refine their craft to meet the commercial checklists of record labels and big brands. This is an excellent platform for new and upcoming artists.
Music Learning Institute:
You can learn instruments and vocals from well-seasoned teachers from fields across the country. The instruments include: Guitar, Piano, Tabla, Flute, Violin, and Sitar.  It is also an avid learner’s paradise.


Music Factory Studios was created to fill the vacuum in Pakistan’s music industry for audio that can be used at global platforms for commercial purposes. Single-handedly Usman Rana ran and satisfied more than 150 clients each month during the first 3 years of the run. Later, he hired and trained many more music creators who shared the same fire as his for music and audio design. After several accolades from Google Playstore and alike services, MSF is building its way through the advertising world of Pakistan and Asia.